Thursday, January 31, 2013

One Hour Gifts

My mom surprised me, my 4 year old daughter, my sister-in-law and my 2 year old niece with a Walt Disney World trip in June 2012. We drove from Kentucky to Florida, so I decided to give one hour gifts to the girls while we were in the car. I had 10 gifts to give my 4 year old daughter and 2 year old niece. I set the timer on my phone as soon as we got into the car and when it rang (I chose the clock chime since it resembled Cinderella's castle). Here are the gifts:

Hour 1: Disney Color Wonder paper and markers
(Wal-Mart-$5.00 each and markers were $.20 clearance at Kmart)

Hour 2: Disney Princess stickers (Wal-Mart-$5.00)

Hour 3: Pizza pan with Disney chipboard magnets
(Pizza pans-Dollar Tree and Disney chipboards-Michael's
*add magnet tape to the back)

Hour 4: Disney coloring book and crayons
(Coloring books-Dollar Tree)

Hour 5: Pipe cleaner
(It doesn't seem like it would be very interesting, 
but it kept the girls entertained more than any other one hour gift!)

Hour  6: Glow bracelets (save this for when it gets dark in the car)

Hour 7: Disney chalkboard
(Dollar Tree)

Hour 8: Wooly Willy Funny Face magnet drawing
(Dollar General-$1.00)

Hour 9: Cinderella Vinyl Window Clings

Hour 10: Disney princess rings and ringpops
(Rings-Dollar General for $1.75 and ringpops-Dollar Tree)

I wrapped them in red and white poka dot paper (Hobby Lobby) and black and yellow ribbon. I numbered the gifts and wrote each child's initial on the Mickey Head since the gifts were age appropriate and not all the same. 

The timer!

The girls opening their first gift!

My daughter had a hard time unwrapping the ribbon. Mabye I'll put a bow on it for our next trip!

She was happy with her stickers when she finally got that ribbon off!

 My daughter and mom unwrapping the pizza pan and magnets!

This was so much fun! I will be doing this on every trip longer than 5 hours from now on! Some advice would be to bring a plastic bag or trashcan for all the wrapping paper. The car got messy at times. Also, be sure to put the timer in a place where the kids can see it. They will love the one hour gifts and you will never (or rarely) hear "Are we there yet?".

200 Days of Disney-Themed Activities to Prepare Your Young Kids for their Disney World Vacation!

Future blog posts will feature most of these activities such as Disney movie nights (with a 
movie-themed meal and a craft activity), pictures and instructions on how to make the crafts 
and foods, pictures of the one hour gifts, pictures of the Mickey-shaped cheese hunt scavenger 
hunt, etc. My family still has 250 days before our WDW and DCL vacation, but we will be doing 
most of these activities. Stay tuned for pictures of these and how-to's, especially for the crafts 
and cooking activities. I got several ideas from Pinterest, so you'll need to search for those. I 
also mentioned which stores I bought or will buy items for the trip or for a craft. I hope this list 
gives you activities to choose from that can be catered to your family. If you have any questions 
or want to add any, please comment below. Enjoy!

1.     Write a letter to your favorite princess and send a picture (Pinterest)
2.     Buy a Disney folder for each kid to print out ideas for their vacation (Wal-Mart and K-Mart)
3.     Look up all WDW restaurants at and make a list of your 
        top 10 places you want to eat
4.     Look on ETSY for custom-made mickey shirts to order (
5.     Watch “Magic Kingdom” on the WDW Vacation Planning DVD
6.     Make a list of ways for your kids to earn Disney Dollars to spend
7.     101 Dalmatians family movie night
8.     Watch the Magic Kingdom’s “Spectromagic Parade” on YouTube
9.     Buy a Disney hat or visor to wear on your Disney vacation (Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, 
10.   Watch “Hollywood Studios” on the WDW Vacation Planning DVD
11.   Write a letter to your favorite or least favorite villain (Pinterest)
12.   Buy a Disney water bottle to take to the park each day (Dollar Store or Dollar Tree)
13.   Watch “Animal Kingdom” on the WDW Vacation Planning DVD
14.   Jungle Book family movie night
15.   Watch Hollywood Studio’s “Fantasmic” nighttime show on YouTube
16.   Make or decorate pillowcases to take on your vacation (Pinterest)
17.   Make a Mickey head shaped pizza for dinner (Pinterest)
18.   Play Disney’s “Think Fast” or “Disney Universe” on Nintendo Wii
19.   Buy one new pair of Disney pajamas to wear on your vacation (Kohl’s, Wal-Mart, K-Mart,   
20.   Watch “EPCOT” on the WDW Vacation Planning DVD
21.   Little Mermaid family movie night
22.   Write a letter to your favorite Disney hero (Pinterest)
23.   Watch Animal Kingdom’s “Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade” on YouTube
24.   Make an autograph book (Hobby Lobby and Michael’s)
25.   Play Disney “Old Maid” (Dollar Tree)
26.   Assemble a Disney puzzle (Dollar Tree)
27.   Buy glow sticks and light-up toys for the nighttime parades and shows (Dollar Tree and  
         Toys R Us)
28.   Cars Family movie night
29.   Make a Mickey cupcake or buy a Disney character cupcake at the store (Pinterest)
30.   Watch “Insider Tips” on the WDW Vacation Planning DVD
31.   Watch Magic Kingdom’s “Wishes” fireworks show on YouTube
32.   Write to Mickey Mouse and tell him how excited you are to visit (Pinterest)
33.   Paint your nails like Minnie Mouse (Pinterest)
34.   Play “Find the Hidden Mickeys” in your house (Hobby Lobby Mickey scrapbook punch)
35.   Tangled family movie night
36.   Watch “Little Ones and Grown-Ups” on the WDW Vacation Planning DVD
37.   Make Mickey Rice Krispie treats (using Mickey cookie cutter)
38.   Buy a Disney bathing suit, flip flops, beach towel, goggles. floaties and water toys (Dollar 
        Tree for water toys, goggles and floaties)
39.   Watch Hollywood Studio’s “Pixar Pal’s Countdown to Fun” parade on YouTube
40.   Send WDW an e-mail telling them how excited you are for the trip
41.   Listen to Disney music cds all day
42.   The Muppets family movie night
43.   Buy a new Disney toothbrush for your vacation (Wal-Mart)
44.   Watch “Beyond the Parks” on the WDW Vacation Planning DVD
45.   Eat turkey legs (Wal-Mart deli have great ones!) for dinner
46.   Make an ID bracelet or discuss what to do if you get lost (beads at Hobby Lobby or Wal-
47.   Watch Epcot’s “Illuminations” nighttime show on YouTube
48.   Decorate a 12x12 memory keeper envelope for each person in the family to store 
         souvenirs (Hobby Lobby)
49.   Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs family movie night
50.   Make a 100 day countdown calendar (see previous blog post for ideas)
51.   Buy an over-the-door shoe organizer and decorate with Disney labels for your hotel room
52.   Watch “Disney Resort Hotels” on the WDW Vacation Planning DVD
53.   Make Toy Story alien cupcakes (Pinterest)
54.   Make Disney bows and headbands to wear on your trip (Michael’s for Disney bottle cap 
         scrapbook stickers and Hobby Lobby for bows)
55.   Watch Magic Kingdom’s “Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It” afternoon parade on YouTube
56.   Winnie the Pooh family movie night
57.   Throw a Disney frisbee, Disney jump rope and blow Disney bubbles (Wal-Mart and Dollar  
         Tree) outside
58.   Play “Woody’s Fantastic Adventure” game at
59.   Buy a Disney wallet or purse for your vacation
60.   Make Character Dining Reservations and then watch the character meal on YouTube
61.   Take a virtual tour of your WDW resort on
62.   Make tiara and Cars sandwiches for lunch (Hobby Lobby for cookie cutters)
63.   Sleeping Beauty family movie night
64.   Watch Hollywood Studio’s “Tower of Terror” on YouTube
65.   Paint a Disney picture frame to take on your vacation and display a picture from a  
         previous trip
66.   Make “The Muppets” cupcakes
67.   Play “Gaston’s Castle Clamor” game at
68.   Pick out your favorite flavor of single serve flavor packets to use in your water bottle
69.   Play Disney Memory game (Wal-Mart and Toys R Us)
70.   Mulan family movie night
71.   Buy a Disney garden flag to display in your front yard
72.   Watch Animal Kingdom’s “Kilimanjaro Safaris” on YouTube
73.   Paint a Disney picture with a poster paint set (Dollar Tree)
74.   Watch “Disneyland” and “Other Disney Destinations” on the WDW Vacation Planning 
75.   Color a Disney puzzle and give to someone else to assemble (Michael’s Craft Store)
76.   Watch Magic Kingdom’s “Cinderella’s Royal Table” character dining on YouTube
77.   Princess and the Frog family movie night
78.   Eat breakfast on a Disney character paper plate (all week long)
79.   Watch Animal Kingdom’s “Tree of Life” on YouTube
80.   Make Mickey thank-you snack bags to leave for resort maids (Pinterest)
81.   Look at the Magic Kingdom map at and 
         choose your top 5 rides or attractions
82.   Play “Dory’s Memory Game” at
83.   Buy Disney sunglasses for your vacation (Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Target)
84.   Finding Nemo family movie night
85.   Pick out your favorite plush Disney character to bring on the trip (, Wal-
         Mart, K-Mart or Toys R Us)
86.   Watch WDW’s monorail ride and ferry boat ride on YouTube
87.   Make a “We’re going to Disney” car magnet to display (get magnetic sheet at Hobby 
         Lobby or Michael’s)
88.   Look at the Hollywood Studios Map at and choose 
         your top 5 rides or attractions
89.   Play “Love at First Sight” from Princess and the Frog at www.disney.go/games
90.   Buy Disney snacks for the vacation (gummies, boxed drinks, Tummy Ticklers, candy, 
         crackers, etc.-Wal-Mart, Target and Dollar Tree)
91.   Alice in Wonderland family movie night
92.   Make Mickey-shaped cookies (Mickey cookie cutter from
93.   Make Disney snack bags to take for the car ride and to the parks (Pinterest)
94.   Watch Downtown Disney’s video of all the Lego creations on YouTube
95.   Have a Bibbity Bobbity Boutique and Pirate’s League dress-up and make-up night
96.   Make a list of pictures and locations where you want a family picture taken
97.   Select 5 Disney songs on ITunes for your ride to Orlando
98.   Song of the South family movie night (Splash Mountain was themed after this movie)
99.   Look at the Animal Kingdom map at and choose 
         your top 5 rides or attractions
100. Shop and make a wish list of your top 5 items you want to buy at 
101. Look at the Epcot map at and choose your top 5 rides or 
102. Serve Mickey shaped sandwiches and mickey shaped cheese for lunch (Mickey cookie 
103. Decorate a Disney-themed journal or decorate a notebook to draw in on the ride there
104. Find WDW apps for wait times and character greetings
105. Pocahontas family movie night
106. Surprise your child with a Disney character balloon when they wake up (Dollar Tree)
107. Play “The Great Search (Muppets game) at
108. Watch Magic Kingdom’s “Dapper Dans Barbershop Quartet” on YouTube
109. Have a Disney Character Squinkie sand pail search (buy Squinkies at Wal-Mart, Target 
         and Toys R Us)
110. Check out Disney books at the library and read them all week long
111. Buy a new princess dress/pirate outfit to wear to a character dining experience
112. Peter Pan family movie night
113. Watch Magic Kingdom’s “It’s a Small World” on YouTube
114. Make Cinderella’s Castle out of a cardboard box, paper tubes, etc.
115. Make your packing list and decide what to wear each day
116. Play “Winnie the Pooh: Honey Harvest” game at
117. Watch Hollywood Studios “Lights, Motors, Action” show on YouTube
118. Find 10 funny Disney character jokes (you can text a joke at Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor at 
         the Magic Kingdom and your joke could be used during the show)
119. Pirates of the Caribbean family movie night
120. Make EPCOT’s “Spaceship Earth” out of a beach ball
121. Watch Magic Kingdom’s “Dumbo Storybook Circus” on YouTube
122. Look up “Downtown Disney Activities” at
123. Make Disney’s Beach Club Resort restaurant Beaches and Cream’s “Everything But the 
         Kitchen Sink” dessert at home ( club resort
124. Research the 11 countries (Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, 
         Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada) that you will see at EPCOT
125. Make a passport book for the countries at EPCOT
126. Mary Poppins family movie night
127. Make Animal Kingdom’s “Tree of Life” from silk leaves and cardboard
128. Buy a lanyard to keep your PhotoPass and Key to the World card (Wal-Mart and Hobby 
129. Play “Aaah Choo! (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs game)” at 
130. Make Hollywood Studio’s “Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat” from poster board
131. Look up pirate lingo and tell pirate jokes
132. Look at pictures together as a family from former WDW vacations
133. A Bug’s Life family movie night
134. Watch Magic Kingdom’s “Haunted Mansion” on YouTube
135. Make a Mickey-themed travel activity box for each kid to use in the car
136. Clean the stroller that you plan on using and make a sign with your family’s name on it
137. Buy Disney magic washcloths, bubble bath and bath toys for the resort (buy washcloths at 
         Dollar Tree)
138. Make a list of people who you will buy souvenirs for
139. Make a list of the top 5 Disney characters you want to meet
140. Lilo and Stitch family movie night
141. Buy sunscreen, spray fan and bug spray for your vacation
142. Watch American Idol and pick out your favorite song to sing if you get chosen at 
         Hollywood Studios
143. Figure out how you can tell the difference between Chip and Dale
144. Research information about the former presidents, especially Lincoln and Obama for 
         Magic Kingdom’s “Hall of Presidents”
145. Buy new Disney character panties or briefs to pack for your trip (Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s 
         or K-Mart)
146. Watch “Hollywood Boulevard Star Tour” on YouTube to know what to expect at Hollywood 
147. The Three Caballeros family movie night (the characters from the movie will be in 
         Mexico’s pavilion at EPCOT)
148. Make address labels for friends and family who will receive a Disney postcard in the mail 
        (don’t forget the stamps)
149. Discuss and research the following non-animated movies and discuss the attractions and 
         characters your kids will see at WDW: Indiana Jones, Swiss Family Robinson, Tom 
         Sawyer, Honey I Shrunk the Kids and The Twilight Zone
150. Collect pennies to use at the penny presses in the parks
151. Make a Mickey-shaped lollipop wreath and eat one sucker each day (Pinterest)
152. Find out where in the world the Kali River Rapids are located and then find the ride on the 
         Animal Kingdom map
153. Play Disney’s “Go Fish” card game (Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart)
154. Toy Story 2 family movie night
155. Paint a flower pot with a Mickey head and polka dots
156. Watch past family WDW vacation videos
157. Make a bowl of ice cream shaped like a Mickey head (Oreos for ears)
158. Make hotel window decorations to display on your vacation (Pinterest)
159. Figure out which pieces of luggage each kid gets or arrange to borrow luggage from 
160. Buy rain ponchos and buy a Disney character umbrella (ponchos at Dollar Tree and 
         umbrellas at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us)
161. Toy Story 3 family movie night
162. Make Mickey luggage tags and laminate (Wal-Mart)
163. Make a princess wand and a pirate sword (Hobby Lobby and Michaels have cardboard 
164. Have a princess tea party
165. Buy chipboard Disney characters and put magnets on the back (Hobby Lobby or 
         Michaels for chipboard in the Disney scrapbook sticker aisle)
166. Make a Mickey-shaped cake
167. Go on a dwarf mine hunt with filled paper bags as rocks and hide plastic coins and rings 
168. Tinkerbell family movie night
169. Make pixie dust in jars and give to friends (Pinterest)
170. Play the Disney’s Trouble game
171. Have a fashion show with girls wearing princess dresses and boys wearing suits or shirts 
         and ties
172. Make a sign for your room at home using Disney stickers or a tissue paper Mickey head
173. Fly a Disney character kite (Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart and Toys R Us)
174. Buy a Disney nightlight to plug in at the resort (Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart)
175. Lion King family movie night
176. Play the Disney Monopoly game (Toys R Us)
177. Pick out 5 car games to play or make for the car ride to WDW (Pinterest)
178. Make Disney characters out of Play-Doh
179. Buy Disney jewelry to wear on vacation (Wal-Mart, Michaels, K-Mart, Kohl’s, Dollar Tree)
180. Make caramel apples dipped in red candy melts with black Mickey head sprinkles 
181. Play “Name that Movie” while listening to your Disney movie cds
182. Pinocchio family movie night
183. Decorate a container to store your pressed pennies from the parks
184. Play the Disney Hedbanz game (Wal-Mart or Toys R Us)
185. Make Mickey pet rocks
186. Watch Phineas and Ferb on the Disney channel and play “Escape from Moletropolis” on 
187. Finish buying one hour car gifts and wrap them, buy your favorite Disney Pez and eat
188. Play the Disney Operation game (Wal-Mart or Toys R Us)
189. Eat supper on a Disney character plastic tablecloth until you leave for your trip (Wal-Mart, 
         Big Lots)
190. Buy lithium batteries and buy each kid a camera for the trip, buy 10 helium balloons and 
         label them “10 Days Until We Leave, 9 Days Until We Leave, etc.”
191. Ten Day Countdown Begins! Watch Incredibles, send your kids on a Mickey-shaped 
         cheese hunt for a Disney gift to use on the trip, pop Day 10 balloon
192. Nine Days Left! Watch Wall-E, send your kids on a Mickey-shaped cheese hunt for a 
         Disney gift to use on the trip, pop Day 9 balloon
193. Eight Days Left! Watch Up, send your kids on a Mickey-shaped cheese hunt for a Disney 
         gift to use on the trip, pop Day 8 balloon
194. Seven Days Left! Watch Ratatouille, send your kids on a Mickey-shaped cheese hunt for 
         a Disney gift to use on the trip, pop Day 7 balloon
195. Six Days Left! Watch Cinderella, send your kids on a Mickey-shaped cheese hunt for a 
         Disney gift to use on the trip, pop Day 6 balloon
196. Five Days Left! Watch Monsters, Inc., send your kids on a Mickey-shaped cheese hunt for 
         a Disney gift to use on the trip, pop Day 5 balloon
197. Four Days Left! Watch Dumbo, pack your favorite toys in your Disney backpack to play 
         with at the resort, send your kids on a Mickey-shaped cheese hunt for a Disney gift to use 
         on the trip, pop Day 4 balloon
198. Three Days left! Watch Aladdin, Pick your favorite Disney DVDs to take on the ride, send 
         your kids on a Mickey-shaped cheese hunt for a Disney gift to use on the trip, pop Day 3 
199. Two Days Left! Watch Toy Story, Decorate DVD Players with Mickey ears on top, wash 
         and vacuum the car for the trip, send your kids on a Mickey-shaped cheese hunt for a 
         Disney gift to use on the trip, pop Day 2 balloon
200. One Day Left! Watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, send your kids on a Mickey-shaped 
         cheese hunt for a Disney gift to use on the trip, pop Day 1 balloon

The day you leave:
Eat a Mickey breakfast with Mickey pancakes and donuts, send your kids on a Mickey-shaped 
cheese hunt that leads to their seat in the car for a Disney gift to use on the trip